Animal Love


Animal Love

Happy 2016 Everyone! 2015 was seriously a roller coaster for me, I had so many wonderful moments on top including Shutterfest, Nathan and I’s wedding and Honeymoon, and many low moments as well from deaths of a pet, a Grandma and two friends, also my car wreck. I wanted to take a moment though and post a personal blog post about something new and important to me that I would have otherwise not been involved in had the sad death of my cat Snickers happened.

Snickers passed away in July and when Nathan and I returned from our Honeymoon we decided we should adopt another cat. I went to the Animal Humane Society and found a sweet 5 year old to bring home and we named her Twix. Later that month I attended a get together at AHS for a new group called The Pack. They are a group of young professionals who believe in AHS’ mission: To engage the hearts, hands and minds of the community to help animals. I love animals, especially cats duh, and I became a part of this group called The Pack. Then I went a step further and in October I started volunteering on the cat adoption floor. My initial thought is that it would be tough seeing these cuties in need of homes but it turned out to be rewarding seeing these cats get adopted and find their forever homes. The turnover is faster than I thought too which was nice to see. I have really loved volunteering here and I may just have to bring home a sibling for Twix one of these days…

So even though sad things do happen, good things may come out as a result of that. Remember that friends, you never know where life will lead or what will happen but make it good!

Now I’m ready to see all the good things 2016 will bring our way, cheers!DSC_6738

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