High School Senior Ambassadors

Senior Photography


Class of 2016! We are looking for our senior ambassadors and we want you!
If you are currently a junior in high school, you may apply to be one of our ambassadors for this year!

As an ambassador, you will get your senior pictures taken before anyone else – for FREE! We will also give you your own unique rep cards to pass out to
all of your friends. Then, once you refer* two other students (*refer meaning session paid and scheduled) you will receive $300 worth of prints! For every
additional referral you will receive $25 bonus in prints credit. The more friends you have book with us, the more credit you will receive, and if ten of your friends book – you get an additional $500 in CASH!

What does it take to be an ambassador?
We are looking for outgoing students who enjoy getting their picture taken.
You do not need to have a “model” look – just an enthusiasm and a positive attitude. We’d like to get to know you a little first, find out what your hobbies are,
favorite places to shop, what kind of music do you like, etc.

What next?
Start by sending us a message that you are interested in becoming an ambassador and we will send you an application form.

If you are selected as an ambassador then we will schedule a day in the spring to do your shoot. We’ll give you a wide variety of pictures and go to multiple
locations if you like. Then after your shoot we will make you one of a kind referral cards for you to pass out to all of your friends.

About three weeks after your shoot we’ll have you come in to see your pictures. If you’ve already given us your two referrals* then you can decide which
prints you want to order with your $300 print credit at this time. If you haven’t given us any referrals yet, you may still order any prints or premium products
you like. There is no minimum order required. This is the first time you will see all of your pictures.

One other important thing – you must have your parents permission to be one of our ambassadors. Some of your pictures will be used on our website and
printed materials. When we send you the application form, we will also send a model release form that you and your parent/s need to sign.

Please feel free to ask us any questions you might have about our ambassador program.
There are only a couple of slots available so the sooner the better! We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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