Outdoor Minnesota Wedding



Outdoor Minnesota Wedding | Lydia and Alex are two wonderful people who are clearly so in love and you can tell from the first minute of seeing them together that their love will last a lifetime. She’s from Minnesota, he’s from Pennsylvania. They met in Germany. They got engaged in Canada. Their story is truly romantic and I was so happy to have captured their outdoor Minnesota wedding.

She wore a hand made custom black wedding dress with delicate white lace details and jewelry made by her. Under that she rocked the cowboy boots – loved it! All of the friends and family there that day were so genuine and full of support for Lydia and Alex. It was great to see the love in the air the whole day. Their ceremony was unique and very special – the wedding rings were passed amongst the guests starting from the back and then making their way up to the front. Everyone in the wedding party had a part and spoke a few words. They sealed their marriage with a kiss in front of all their family and friends and then I got a group picture of everybody!

Dinner and dancing kicked off at this outdoor Minnesota wedding and it was nothing but joyful. I wish the very best for these two love birds.

Below are some of the pictures from their outdoor Minnesota wedding, Cheers!

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  1. bbosha says:

    You captured it all! It was a perfect day and your images brings back the every moment. My friend said to me, “after looking at the pictures, I felt like I was there”.

  2. Sojourn Yoga says:

    Beautiful pictures and beautiful couple!!

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