Fort Dodge Senior Photography Session

Senior Photography

Fort Dodge Senior Photography Session – A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to shoot a high school senior in a town I’ve never photographed before. I was hired to drive down to Fort Dodge, Iowa. It was one of those small towns where people knew each other and the downtown was a ghost town since it was Sunday. Really, who works on Sundays right? Well that made it more awesome!
The senior, Caleb, and his mom (who was a huge help and even carried some of my gear for me) met me first at a park that was right by where he grew up. We avoided the frisbee golf game as best we could and got some great shots. Then we headed over to the downtown and got the more “urban” type pictures that he wanted, and of course I love too. Then we wrapped it up at the senior high school tennis courts and football field. This senior was especially excited to get some pictures on the tennis court. He has been playing since he was a kid and has won many tournaments and trophies. Pretty cool to get some shots of that for him. Football he said he plays more for the fun of it and doesn’t take it as seriously as his tennis game. There was a junior high game going on at the time with ten minutes left in the game. We cheered on the home team, they won, they got off the field, and we got on. Caleb was so easy going and it was an awesome senior shoot in a new town. So I’ll say my first Fort Dodge senior photography session was a success. Here are a few of the pictures from that day. Cheers!
 Senior Portrait Shoot in Fort Dodge ParkHigh School Senior Downtown Fort Dodge Iowa
Fort Dodge Senior Tennis PlayerHigh School Senior Fort Dodge Tennis CourtsFort Dodge Senior on football fieldFort Dodge Senior High School Football FieldFort Dodge Dodgers High School Senior Portrait Session

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