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Hello everyone, thanks for visiting. I’m Rachel and welcome to my new photography website and blog! Thank you to everyone who has helped me get here. Anyone who knows me knows that I work a ton and could be considered a workaholic, and this summer and fall has been the busiest and most hours I have ever worked! I’ve been more motivated and happier than ever though and it all has been worth it. There were times I wouldn’t allow myself a glass of wine until I finished the project I was working on. I really enjoy my glass of wine at the end of the day, this was tough!
So finally the day is here when I can put a big check mark on my to-do list: new photography website complete. My soon to be husband is Nathan. Together we are the team behind Parsell Photography. We are photographers, business partners, and most importantly, best friends. We are so excited to launch this new site and share it with you. We are based out of Forest Lake, MN and specialize in portrait photography. Everything from high school seniors to families, engagements and weddings. We want to capture your special moments in life and show off your uniqueness.
With the high school senior season behind us, we are looking forward to the fall and winter family portrait season. These next couple months are the busiest for family photography sessions. Before you know it, it’ll be time to send out those holiday cards with current family photos. I’ll have to admit I’m actually a little excited for the snow to get here because of this sole reason: it makes such a pretty background for pictures! I know… that may sound a little crazy.
Ok friends, THANK YOU again for to everyone who has given support. We are excited as ever for Parsell Photography’s new website and blog. Cheers!

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