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Destination engagement session? Yes yes, please! Did you know that I travel for not only weddings, but also engagement sessions?! You and your partner will only take these photos once so why not choose a destination. Pick a spot where you’ve always wanted to travel to, or pick a spot that you’ve been before and created memories with your partner. In this case the couple wanted a Maui Engagement Session.

Once you have chosen a destination, I will start scouting specific locations. In this case, Maui was the destination and we knew we wanted a beach at sunset. I started researching different beaches in Maui and things like access, permits, how busy does it get, location, parking, etc. We wanted a smaller beach that wouldn’t be overpopulated. The couple also was staying in Kihei, so I focused more on that side of the island. I found Kaipukaihina Beach in Kihei and we decided to try it!

There was free street parking just feet away from the beach and we got there about an hour before the sunset. The beach was really clean and the water was clear and there was only one couple there so we could easily shoot without any photo-bombers around. We kicked off our sandals and starting shooting! Below are some of my favorites, check them out!

This was my first Maui engagement session and I definitely hope it’s not my last!

maui engagement session
hawaii beach engagement
walking in the sand engagement session
kissing in a dip engagement session
kissing on beach engagement session
maui beach

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Book a destination engagement, elopement or wedding with me! I will make the process easy by researching flight pricing, lodging, and everything else and include all my travel fees into one invoice. This will make it super easy for you, so you don’t have to worry about making a reservation under my name and then worry about check in issues, etc. I streamline all the travel into one price and that way it keeps everything smooth with no confusion.

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