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Engagement Session | May 2023

In the land of 10,000 lakes there are endless, beautiful spots to shoot your engagement session. Besides all the lakefronts, there are many unique parks, riverfronts and even cliffs and bluffs in Minnesota. Today I am sharing an engagement session I shot at Lebanon Hills Regional Park in Eagan, Minnesota. https://www.co.dakota.mn.us/parks/parksTrails/LebanonHills

If you haven’t been to Lebanon before, it’s a big park. Here is the easiest way to get in and park. I always use the entrance off of Cliff Road. While driving east on Cliff road, you’ll see the big main entrance sign on your right hand side. Once you turn into the drive it takes you a little way down a long winding road. Trust me, you’re going the right way! Before the main parking lot, you will see a smaller one off to your left, I recommend you keep driving. Pretty soon you’ll reach the large parking lot at the bottom. There is plenty of parking here even on a busy day. There are two buildings that have public restrooms. Just note that the one next to the small beach is only open in the summer.

The first spot I like to shoot at is a large bridge that you’ll see right off the north side of the parking lot. It’s wide enough that I can even have my couples do some dancing twirls without hitting the sides. It wraps around to one of the walking paths and eventually makes a full circle back to the start.

There is also canoes you can rent and a dock too. While I haven’t ever rented one of these canoes it is on my to do list for future engagement sessions. Even without renting a canoe, you can still go on the dock and get some beautiful water backdrop photos.

The last part of the park I usually shoot at is at the small beach area called Schulze Lake. Again, nice waterfront pictures but now you have the sand in your toes. Tatum and Nathan liked my idea to do some portraits with the feet in the water so we agreed to shoot those at the end of the session. Seriously I love when my couples are down for fun stuff! One other cool thing I just discovered is that they have posts setup between the beach and the forest pathway for hammocks! You can bring your own hammock and they have assigned spots to connect and lock in your hammock. I thought that was really awesome and made a mental note to do a cozy hammock engagement session here sometime.

Anyway, below are some of my favorites from Tatum + Nathan | Engagement Session


engaged bridge over lake
engagement photos in a park minnesota
engagement session waterfront
engagement beach photos


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